here is the album art for the new cd, "collision of comforts", featuring the ed bliss band!

  • ed bliss - vocals, guitar, keys, programming
  • mark cannonball - lead guitar, vocals
  • brother t - bass, vocals
  • mark d - drums, vocals
  • t-wrecks - drums
  • kb - vocals
  • sandy bancs - pure-cussion, vocals
  • wib - producer, engineer
  • recorded at sweet studios, south portland, maine

new pics! from the "collision of comforts" recording sessions!


i started out in rock bands in the 1980's, first with the sound kings and then active culture. in 1989, i stopped gigging and began recording my own music. i published my first tape :>D in 1991 and then took a break from music.

i restarted my writing and publishing career in 2005 and released my first cd in 2008, entitled "oui be". while trying to maintain my momentum and improve my craft, i released my second cd "clouds" in 2010, my third cd "compass" in 2011 and i am preparing to release my fourth cd "collision of comforts" right now, in 2013!

all CD's are available on itunes, amazon, spotify and rhapsody.