Ed Bliss Foundation

For charities, it’s all about sick kids and their families.
10% of all gross sales go into the Ed Bliss Foundation charity

That account supports donations to organizations like the Barbara Bush
Children’s Hospital, the Ronald MacDonald House, the Center for
Grieving Children, and the Salvation Army.

Charities are selected based on their mission and on their overhead
structure. Large overheard organizations are bypassed in favor of low
overhead, grassroots charities.

Donations to the Ed Bliss Foundation can be made but be aware that the
structure of a non-profit organization is too complicated, so your
donations are not technically tax deductible. Not to say that you
shouldn’t try to deduct them … :>D

If you wish to donate, see the contact page for the snail mail address.

Of course, you can bypass the middleman and donate directly using these links.

Barbara Bush Children's Hospital

Ronald Macdonald House in Portland Maine

The Center for Grieving Children

The Salvation Army