we are all ok, compass, 2011

my old friend is waiting
on a bench in the shade
the cool ocean water
played a song to us that day
and I sat there too
soaking in the skies
the colors of the sunset
matched the colors of sunrise

when I think it through
I know what I would do
I will do what's right
if I walked that mile
I wonder could I smile
with eyes that light the sky

long walking shadows
on the white sandy shore
the sun is shining
a new day is born
the moon smiles down upon us
where africa meets the sea
come into my temple
share your gospel with me

the road splits into mist
and I will choose to give
I know when it feels right
the one who leads the way
also lights the flame
to scare away the night

my friend said to me
live the life you seek
cool blue of Irish eyes
above the dirty streets
where armies walk the beat
a dove floats in the skies

we are all ok