love on live on, compass, 2011

driving my car with the windows down
heading north into the night
a lonely stretch of 95
just a few old cars in sight

some back roads are not on the maps
take the valley down to the water
cast a line to pass the time
set the rope, the boat sails faster

thick wool sweaters and socks so old
they always shrink in the dryer
frozen air under crystal skies
could I see any farther

driving nails with just a hammer
it was great working together
dropping trees with ropes and trucks
troll the lake, wade the river

chowder served for family dinner
candy in the kitchen drawer
soaking her smile up like sunshine
how could my life be better

soft rain ticking like a wristwatch
it's cold outside in november
seasons will change, clocks unwind
soft snow on the grass and stone