don't be confused, compass, 2011

look to the poles and who do I see
coming for you and coming for me
ride a big black wire to my tv
I pay for this, but it oughta be free
sucking it in and spitting it out
telling us what it's all about
it must be something true to behold
cause the tv news said it's so
think some time inside your head
as you feast on lies served by the fed
and long before your meal is through
the fed might say the sky ain't blue

consider for a bit the possibility
that your cable box is the fed's tv
watching all your activities
filed away in dhs dc
you might like guantanamo
if you say the wrong words into your phone
or even in your lover's ear
if loud enough for the box to hear

follow the play of the ping pong game
lame statements that sound insane
most of the time it makes no sense
and that's the way that it was meant
freedom of speech raped by the patriot act
tax money wasted at war in iraq
the puppets on strings have gone too far
what ya gonna say when they're whipping it to ya?